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Vinca Seeds Cora XDR Hot Gentia 25 Spring Seeds

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A great variety of spring seeds to start the new Vinca Cora XDR Hot Gentia was bred to be high disease resistant and if you have grown vinca in past you know that botrytis cinerea can take out many of your vinca plants. The Cora Vinca XDR was tested at Clemson University and released at trails it is said to be disease resistant to about ten kinds of Phytophthora blight. It has done better than any new Vinca on the market today for growing great flowers and not getting diseases.  The XDR series has many kinds that will do great for resell in 6 cell trays or in 4" pots as starter plants. This variety will also do good in hanging baskets as it gets about 10" to 12" tall and will spread about 20" or more they have large bright blooms about 2" across or more. They like sun areas and will bloom from spring to late summer this will be a great one to try if you like Vinca flowers.