About Us

We started just by having a 12'x12' greenhouse over 16 years ago and selling small tomato plants that we grew from seeds to people that we worked with at a mill. After we seen the interest people had and was looking for we started adding more plants and seeds. So now we sell many plug trays to large nurseries and also grow are own plants in 4" pots and do hundreds of hanging baskets a year from a lot of plants that we grow from our own seeds. We buy the seeds from a supplier in large bulk amounts and use what we need for the season and sell the rest. We run a nursery that now has over 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space. We offer well over two thousand kinds of seeds for you to pick from we know they grow if started right because we sell many of them out in our own nursery. We check germination rates and supplier does to germination rate is very important for anyone growing seeds. You don't want to spend your time on seeds that won't grow if you plant our seeds right they will grow. We plant many of these in our own nursery. We are a small business in Washington State.