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Sunfinity Sunflower Seeds 25 Sunflower Seeds

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A new variety of Sunflower Seeds the Sunfinity Sunflower. This Sunflower is a new generation of sunflower that will keep blooming from early spring and through summer. These Sunfinity Sunflower seeds are rewarding to grow these do very well in gallon pots for resell.  This sunflower is a show stopper and will be talked about you can put it in your landscape or in a large pot. These seeds come from a large supplier in the US and do very well we grow these plants in our own nursery and they do well. These Endless blooms are about 3 to 4 inches in size and so many on a branch will have 30 to 50 blooms on it at a time. The plant will have many branches on it will take about 85 days from seeds to bloom. These should be started indoors and they do make great cut flowers also. If you plant in a flower bed or around your house theses will get 36" to 48" tall and the spread will be 24” to about 36” in a pot it will grow to the size of pot you put it in. We sell these in 1 gallon pots in our nursery.  They say this variety has took almost a decade of research in development to get these to where they are today. These are a high dollar seed but well worth it when they grow you can do very well from seeds to retail plants on these. This is for 25 seeds these make great cut flowers