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Begonia Nonstop Mocca Yellow Pelleted Begonia Seeds 15 thru 500

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A nice dark color leaf begonia the Mocca Nonstop Yellow this variety will grow a nice plant from these begonia seeds. This series of begonia will have a dark mocca color leafs on it and a nice compact plant. These will get 8" to 12" tall they are just like the regular nonstop begonia but they are green leaf these have a dark mocca color look to the leafs. This is a tuberous begonia many times it will produce a tuber and will come back if  stored right and not to wet. This begonia can also make a very nice house plant many people will grow them indoors. They have nice large double blooms like the other nonstop begonia do. This is for 15 thru 500 pelleted seeds you pick the amount you would like to have.