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25 Lupine Seeds Popsicle Red Flower Seeds

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This is for 25 Lupine seeds they are the lupine popsicle Red this is one of the most looked for lupine that there is it is a short variety. This lupine grows very well in pots and looks great in planters this is very good for resell in 1 gallon pots. The popsicle variety of lupine was selected as a Garden Leader so it is a higher quality plant. These are great to grow from seeds it works very well if you take a wet paper towel and place them on top of it and cover with another moist one put in the fridge for 24hrs and then plant. The popsicle variety of lupine gats to be about 20" tall and does very well in zone 3-7 these are a perennial they like full sun to partial shade. These will bloom in spring and summer they are hardy down to minus 30 f we offer a few different colors of the popsicle series please search in our store.