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Torenia Seeds Hi Lite Mix 50 Pelleted Seeds

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These torenia seeds is the best on the market to date for color brightness and looks this is a new variety. Torenia Hi Lite Mix this one was Bred not to fade and to withstand high heat and humidity areas this one will hold up. The Torenia Hi Lite series is a tough one that is mounding and tight this will look well in 4” pots for resell needs no PGRs because they don’t stretch when growing. These are great for hanging baskets and planters plant in full sun and don’t worry about them. These will get 6 to 8 inches tall and about the same width. This series is one of the best if you can find them. This is for 50 pelleted seeds pelleted seeds makes it easy to plant because you can see the seeds to plant them. In our nursery we use a machine seeder so that is what we sell because machines can pick them up and seed them in trays.