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Tomato Seeds 25 Indigo Kumquat F1 Tomato Seeds Cherry Tomato Seeds

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The Indigo Kumquat tomato seeds are a nice tomato to grow this is a very eye catching variety with a slightly tart flavor to it. This is a very high yielding cherry tomato that will have 6 to 8 fruits in a cluster. This has great Vitamin E and also Vitamin A and great anthocyanins. This will have bright yellow to orange fruits and as they ripen they will get a purple look to the edges fruits will be about 1” around and be about 1 ounce. The plant will grow 36” to 60” and spread about 36” these are a F1 variety great to eat fresh or for cooking they will produce many clusters of fruits. Takes about 75 days to mature this is a semi indeterminate plant This is for 25 Seeds.