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Strawberry Seeds Toscana Deep Rose 25 Seeds Perennial Seeds

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This is for 25 strawberry seeds Toscana Deep Rose this is a ornamental variety that are edible.  These perennial seeds can be grow and make a very nice hanging strawberry plant in baskets. This is a ever-bearing strawberry that has a rose color flower on it and will produce bright red great flavor berries. These are great to grow in pots as they are compact and they will get about 8" tall and spread about 24" so they are great for hanging baskets. F1 Hybrid seeds the Toscana Deep Rose has bright pink to red flowers on it all over the plant makes them stand out very well in a hanging basket. These will have many small berries that hand down that have great flavor. We put 3 plants in a 12" basket in our nursery and these look very good.