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Petunias Seeds Ez Rider Deep Salmon 25 thru 1,000 Pelleted Seeds

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A nice variety of petunias the Ez Rider Deep Salmon is one of the best new varieties for a garden center for resell or for shipping plants hold up well. These petunias seeds after planted and are bigger will use little or no PGRs to control growth rate they grow uniform to a 6" to 8" tall and will spread the same so they are tight compact. They have great branching habit so air flow is good. If you have high humidity in your greenhouse they will be more resistant to Botrytis. These do very good in a 4" pot and look well there is a few varieties in the Ez Rider series these have bright dark colors in this series. This is for 25 thru 1,000 seeds you pick the amount you would like to have. Some of the larger amounts may come from supplier so please add a week or so for us to get these for you. If suppler is out we will refund you