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Lisianthus Seeds Doublini Rose Pink Cut Flower Seeds 25 thru 500 Pelleted Seeds

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Lisianthus Seeds Doublini Rose Pinkis a great variety of cut flower seeds that holds very well in vases and floral arrangements. This variety has a small flower but many on a plant the flowers are only about 1 1/2" to 2" across but have a nice color. Is a small double flower these have very long sturdy stems that get about 22" long to 26" and are a great flower to grow from seeds. These will take about 120 days from seeds to flower they are a annual. These have a large showy double bloom on them. This is for 25 thru 500 pelleted seeds the larger amounts may have to come from supplier. If supplier is out we will refund you for these. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery for these if they come from supplier we will let you know.

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