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Lavatera Seeds Rose Mallow Seeds 25 thru 500 Flower Seeds

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Lavatera Seeds Rose Mallow seeds are readily started by flower seeds this variety is the loveliness rose mallow seeds are very rewarding to grow is they will bloom from early summer into fall. The Rose mallow has bright rose color flowers on it and the plants will get about 36" tall and are a annual that does great in zone 3-9 these will have large blooms 4" to 5" blooms on them. These can be held over if in pots and placed in your garage or somewhere it don't get real cold and water a few times in winter and will come back in spring. We grow these in our nursery and sell them in 3 gallon pots. These can take up to 25 days to germinate from seeds and they do like light to germinate. This is for 25 thru 500 seeds