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50 Tomato Seeds Tomato Candyland Red Currant

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The Candyland Red tomato seeds is a great currant tomato to grow this tomato was a AAS 2016 winner this thing produces many fruits. The Candyland tomato will produce hundreds of 1/2” fruits on it all season long it will take about 50 to 60 days to mature best if grown in the ground it gets big. This plant is a spreading upright variety that will get 60” to 84” tall and spread about 36” to 48” that is why it is better to grow in the ground. If you do want to grow in a pot put it in a size #7 or bigger they will grow to the size of pot, but will produce high yields in a #7 pot. This is a Indeterminate variety the small currant fruits are sweet with a lot of flavor. This is for 50 seeds