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Wildflower Seeds Lupine Russell Mix 25 thru 1,000 Lupine Seeds

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Lupine Seeds Lupine Russell Mix Lupine Seeds Russell mix this is a Perennial so it will come back every year. These wildflower seeds are a great pick for putting in a field or flower bed. These have some of the best color for the garden and are great for your flower beds to keep color coming back year after year. These plants will spread 10 to 12 inches wide and grow about 36" tall. This is a great mix of colors these like full sun to part shade. This is a wildflower and does best in zone 4-8 and deer don't like them like full sun to shade areas. Bees and butterflies lover these flowers this is a good mix of colors.  This is for 25 thru 1,000 seeds you pick the amount you need. These are great for resell in 1 gallon pots