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Viking Begonia Seeds 15 Pelleted Begonia Seeds Viking Begonia Rose On Bronze Leaf

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      Trailing petunia is offering Pelleted Begonia Seeds of the Viking Begonia variety it is a great new variety to grow from seeds these are huge plants they get 24" tall and 28" wide. The Viking series of begonia is a very good performer and very showy plant. This series of begonia does well in sun and shade spots and great in planters and hanging baskets. The Viking Begonia is very full plant with large massive bunches of flowers on it. This is a annual but can be held over in many zone in your garage or a cool spot and cut back and may come back for you the next season just water a few times in the winter. This is for 15 pelleted seeds and are on hand and will ship out within a day or so of the order being paid for. Pelleted seeds makes it much easier to plant because you can see the seeds better to plant in cell tray or a container. This is a new variety we seen them at Spring Trials and these are a very showy plant that has a impressive look.