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Tomato Seeds Juliet Grape Hybrid F1 Hybrid 500 Bulk Seeds

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Juliet Grape tomato seeds these are one that we really like, this tomato grows in clusters of 5 or more. These come from a supplier so they are true to parent plant there is not many suppliers that sell try F1 Juliet grape tomato seeds anymore. They take about 60 days after set out, the skin is not thick, we make a lot of salsa out of these we don't even skin them just boil them up. They produce a lot of 1 ounce average fruits on them a lot are bigger as picture shows. This plant can get 6 to 8 feet tall these have a very good flavor for eating straight off the vine. This tomato will produce very high yields with 3 plants when growing well we get like a gallon bag full every 3 to 5 days. This variety is a Indeterminate kind of tomato so it needs to be staked up to support the weight. These take 65 to 75 days this is for 500 seeds we only have a few packages we split up of these for the season.