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Tomato Seeds 100 Tomato Tumbler F1 Seeds Hanging Basket Tomato

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The Tomato seeds Tumbler F1 Cherry Tomato is a small bite size cherry tomatoes have a sweet flavor for fresh eating. Try them cooked this is a superior variety for baskets and containers has a graceful, cascading habit. Prolific, extra-early plants produce up to 6 pounds or more of very sweet cherry tomatoes on a plant. These are great for hanging baskets. These get about 12” tall and spread about 48” we put 3 plants in a 12” hanging basket. Has many 1” fruits on it this will take about 50 days to harvest a very early tomato that will produce from spring through summer. This is for 100 Bulk Seeds We will get these from supplier and get them to you please allow a week or so. If supplier is out because demand we will refund you