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Sedum Seeds Splendid Purple 500 Seeds Ground Cover Succulent Seed

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500 Seeds Sedum Splendid Purple

This is for 500 seeds Sedum Splendid Purple. This is a great rock garden sedum loves heat these bloom with a yellow flower on them in summer months. This gets to be about 6" tall and will spread to about 14" and does well in sandy soil. This grows best in zones 5-9 and is a perennial it likes full sun in has a rose pink color flower on it. These seeds do need light to germinate so do not cover them and they can take over 20 days to start to germinate. These are best put in the fridge for a few weeks and then planted. These make a wonderful plant for a rock garden or boarder area around your house. Also great for resell in 5" square pots.

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