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Sagina Seeds 250 thru 10,000 Seeds Ground Cover Seeds Irish Moss Seeds Perennial Seeds

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This is for 250 to 10,000 Irish Moss seeds you pick the size pack you need Irish moss is a great ground cover that is a Perennial. This is a evergreen ground cover that grows well in zones 4-10 and gets about 2" tall and spreads to about 12" it does very well on rock walkways. It has a white bloom color in spring and summer this does well in 4" pots for reselling. These seeds you want to make sure you mist them because they can rot very easy. They do take about a month to germinate they look good in 4" pots. It takes about 5,000 seeds to cover 100 square foot seeds are best if started indoors then smaller plants set out. This is many times called Pearlwort and is a great ground cover. These should be started indoors first and then set out as plants to keep these very small seeds from blowing away. THESE ARE VERY TINY SEEDS!! THESE ARE SMALL LIKE GRAINS OF DUST!!