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Purslane Seeds Toucan Scarlet Portulaca Oleracea 25 thru 250 Succulent Seeds

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Portulaca Oleracea is a drought tolerant plant purslane toucan scarlet shades can been grown easy from purslane seeds. Succulent seeds should be started indoors for best control of humidity and temperature. Purslane do great in rock garden and also look very good in hanging baskets at our nursery we put 3 plants in a twelve inch basket and it feels it out well. These are also a great ground cover they are a annual the blooms are about 2" on them and they are a rubbery looking plant they get about 4" tall and spread about 14" and they like well drained soil they do best in zone 3-10 get 25 thru 250 seeds you pick the amount you want to buy.