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Primula Seeds Supernova Mix 50 Primrose seeds

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A great early variety of primula seeds to grow the primrose seeds of the Supernova mix will do great when started. This is for 50 seeds and will make a very nice mix of flowers for flower beds or planters or even resell in 4" pots. The Supernova series will have continuous colorful flowering on versatile, hardy plants. Use as a pot plant on the patio or in the garden beds for landscaping. A f1 hybrid vigor combined with disease resistance and tolerance to a wide range of temperatures. Early blooming  plant will flower up to 3 weeks earlier than other F1 varieties up to 4 weeks faster than O.P. types. Multiple flower stems in a uniform height hold the brightly colored, extra-large blooms. Compact, uniform plants have a tight flowering window, making them ideal for potted plant production.