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Primula Obconica Touch Me Midi Rose 25 Primrose Seeds

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A new variety of primula seeds many times it is called primrose seeds. This is for 25 seeds of the Primula Obconica Touch Me Midi Series. This variety has large blooms on them and these Primula are a taller variety.

Grower Information: Large flower variety flowers are about 1 ½” across and these are a tall variety can be used in cut flowers. The Primula Obconica Touch Me has a long flowering period and does well in large pots. These have firm large serrated edges on the blooms.

Scientific Name: Primula  Obconica

Height: 12” – 14”"

Width: 6” – 8”

Exposure: Shade to Part Sun

Seed Count 25

Bloom Type Serrated Edged Flower