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50 Plant Picture Tags

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We make many picture tags for our own nursery we have some pictures of some we have done. We want to offer making these for other growers and will have a low minimum order of 50 of each designed label. Please send us a photo of what plant you want on it and what you want it to say. These are 5" tall tag and 1" wide so a picture will fit we can lay it out like picture shows or many other ways the tags are thicker vinyl and will hold up for many years. These will be custom made for you so you can put your business name also on it if you like. What we are selling is for one lot of 50 custom made tags like the ones in photo we will ship to Canada please check shipping price for the different amounts. We are offering a limited amount to try this for people to try please don't add this to your cart with a seed order. These have to be custom made for you and will ship separate please allow 4 days time to get these done and ship. Please e-mail us your information you would like on it and we can get to work on it. We will send you a screenshot of it. Then with your approval we will move forward and print these for you. If you have questions on it please ask us