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Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds 25 Seeds Pepo Hulless Seeds

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The Pepitas Pumpkin seeds are a great hybrid pumpkin that the seeds are delicious and healthy. These are great roasted and they don't even have to be shelled many people call them pepo but this is a hybrid variety that was a award winner back in 2016. The pepitas pumpkin will produce pumpkins that are orange to green striped and are about 9 to 12 pounds with vines 4 to 6 feet. These seeds are very nutritious and make a great healthy snack and pumpkins are also great for fall decorations. These should be harvested when green to orange and then seeds are hulless and tender as they age they get tougher great snack. If you are looking for the pumpkin seed that is in salad of just roasted that are hulless Pepitas pumpkin are the ones. This is for 25 seeds