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Pelleted Petunia Seeds 50 thru 1,000 Celebrity Blue Ice Petunia Flower Seeds

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The Celebrity Blue Ice petunia is a very nice variety to grow from pelleted flower seeds.  The pelleted seeds make them nice to plant in a cell tray you can put one in per cell because you can see them. The Celebrity Blue Ice has many  large flowers 3" blooms or bigger will keep coming on all summer long. This petunia will get about 8" to 10" tall and start blooming at about 4" tall and it spreads to about 16"  it is a bushy petunia that will hold up well to wind and wet weather. Make sure acid level is low we have found we get a darker color. This is for 50 thru 1,000 pelleted seeds you choose the amount you need. If the soil acid level is lower the flower on these will be much more blue like in photo then a purple color please be aware of your soil acid level.

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