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Pelleted Begonia Seeds Santa Cruz Sunset Trailing Begonia 15 thru 50 Seeds

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The Santa Cruz Sunset begonia is a great variety for baskets and planters. This is for 15 thru 50 pelleted seeds you pick the amount you would like. This begonia can be a perennial this in my opinion is one of the best trailing begonia out there it is loaded with flowers and works very well in hanging baskets. We have had one growing for 4 years now at the end of the season we cut it back and put it in the our shed and water it a couple times in the winter. We put three plants in a 12" basket that are in a 4" pot and it fills it out well. This is a great one to add to other flowers also. The flowers on these can be about 4" long and there is many of them on the mounding trailing plant these will trail to about 16" and height will be about 12" this is a award winning begonia and will bloom the first year from seed. Also very good for resell in 4" pots. These like full sun to part shade