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Pelleted Begonia Seeds Cascade Beauty Mix 15 thru 100 Seeds

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The Cascade Beauty begonia is a great variety for hanging baskets. Begonia seeds can be started easy if done right they need a soil temp of about 75f  and they need at least eight hours of light to germinate best if started with a propagation dome covering them and don't cover seeds with soil. The Cascade beauty begonia will get about two feet wide and trail about the same they will only get about twelve inches tall. We grow many of these and then put them in 4" pots for resell or for in hanging baskets. If you are doing twelve inch hanging baskets we put three plants in and it fills it out well. Grower gave us permission to use photo as a example what plants can look like. We offer 15 thru 100 pelleted seeds you pick the amount you need, pelleted seeds make it easier to plant you can see the seeds to plant them.