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Pansy Seeds Cool Wave® Raspberry Seeds 15 Seeds Trailing Pansy Seeds

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Pansy Cool Wave series is a trailing pansy that is great for hanging baskets this is the Cool Wave Blue Swirl these seeds can be easy to grow. Growing pansy from seeds can be easy if started right these should be started indoors they should have a propagation dome over them and started in total darkness with a good potting soil. These plants are hardy and can be winter over they are good to minus 10f  Cool Wave pansy are a great early hanging basket variety that can be put out in very early spring we put 4 plants in a 12" basket and it fills it out nice. These will also hold over if you take the pots in and protect them some in the winter just water a few times then put them out next spring. The Cool Wave pansy will get about 10" tall and spread about  24" they are fast growing. They are great for retail in hanging baskets 4" pots and also 6 cell starter packs. This is for 15 seeds