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Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seeds Heirloom Seeds 25 thru 1,000 Beefsteak Tomato

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A great variety of Beefsteak Tomato to grow these Heirloom seeds for the Mortgage Lifter is from back in the early 1930s the story is told a farmer was having a hard time paying off his mortgage and was about to lose his place started selling tomato plants and paid the mortgage off. The Mortgage lifter tomato is a meaty variety with few seeds it will get 1 to 2 pounds and is a open pollinated tomato. It will produce heavy yields and need caged it will get about 48" tall and spread about 36" it is a Indeterminate Beefsteak Tomato. This is for 25 thru 1,000 seeds you pick the amount you would like to have.