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Mint Seeds Mentha Corsican Mini Mint 1,000 Multi Pelleted Herb Seeds Perennial

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The Mentha Mini Mint is a great variety to grow it gets only 1 to 2 inches tall spreads about 12" very strong fast growing plant this is a nice herb seed to grow. This is great is a ground cover for in rock patio areas between pavers it grows fast with a very good minty smell. If you step on it the plant will bounce back quick and look good again. These are multi pelleted seeds so there is a few seeds in a pellet so makes it real easy to grow. This is a perennial so plant it once a it will stay year after year. This is for 1,000 bulk seeds multi pelleted seeds this means there is 3 to 5 seeds in each pelleted and will make a nice clump of mini mint plants when you put one seed in each cell or tray. These are great for a Greenhouse to grow and resell the plants or if you need larger amounts of seeds. These will be a special order from supplier so please allow a week or so for us to get it and send it out.  If supplier is out we will refund you we also may have the amount in stock so you could get it sooner. We are offering this for people or garden centers who wants larger amounts this is perfect. These plants are great for resell so you could do very well from seeds to plants.