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Micro Tom Tomato Seeds 500 Dwarf Tomato Seeds

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500 Bulk tomato seeds Micro Tom tomato is a dwarf tomato these plants grow super in a 4" pots and produce tomato well we sell many in 4" pots at our nursery. Put in a 1 gallon pot they will produce more fruits and you won't have to water as much in the bigger pot. This tomato plant grows to about 6 to 8 inches tall only. These are a very neat tomato to grow the fruits on it are about 1 ounce when mature they are a great novelty plant to grow. For their size the produce a lot of fruits on them these are a determinate variety we have know people to have grown these in the house for three years. This is for 500 bulk seeds the micro tom will take about 60 days from seeds to harvest.