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Lobelia Seeds 25 Lobelia Vulcan Red pelleted seed (perennial seeds)

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25 Pelleted Lobelia Vulcan Red Seeds

This is for 25 pelleted seeds it is lobelia Vulcan Red this is a bright red lobelia that is a perennial. This lobelia will get to be about 30" tall and spreads to about 12" it is great for flower beds and also for resell in 1 gallon pots. This does like full sun and will bloom in the summer months into fall. If you are looking for a eye catching perennial this is the one. It is best to start these indoors and then plant into a larger pot and then outside it will establish itself better grows best in zone 6-10If you buy International we cannot guarantee your item to arrive at dates stated as we cannot control customs they may seize your item or hold them please know your countries laws on seeds. We will ship your item but we are not held liable if you do not receive your item many countries will not scan or track your item. When you purchase from us you agree to these terms many countries there is known issue please be sure your address is correct also.