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Lisianthus Seeds Rosita Blue Picotee 25 Pelleted Seeds

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Rosita Blue Picotee Lisianthus seeds is a premium variety of cut flower seeds this one is a eye catcher in vases it hold well when cut. The Rosita series of Lisianthus has very long strong stems and petals. The Rosita Lisianthus flowers early in the spring and has a tight bloom so you can cut these as they are budding out or after and they will hold for weeks. These are one of the top variety of Lisianthus for shipping through the mail because they hold up so well. The stems on these are about 36” to 48” long thee make one of the best cut flowers and we offer a few colors to pick from so please take a look. 25 pelleted seeds pelleted seeds make these easy to plant because you are able to see the seeds better to plant them. When you water these clay coating comes off and then seed will be left to grow like many Lisianthus types these do take about 18 to 28 days to germinate under right conditions.