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Lavandula Seeds English Lavender 50 Lavandula Torch Minty ice

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This English Lavender is a very fast growing Lavender. The Lavandula Torch Minty Ice has a fern like leaf on it with a strong scent this variety is very eye catching because it fern like look. This does very well if resold in a 1 gallon pot get 50 seeds.

Scientific Name: Lavandula multifida

Common Name: English Lavender

Hardiness Zone: 7a - 11

Blooming Season: Summer

Height: 30 - 34"

Width: 24"

Exposure: Sun

50 pelleted Seeds

General Information: Fern-leafed lavender has a lavender rosemary pine scent. Very fast growing plant  flowering gallon pots can be produced in under 16 weeks in Spring.