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Italian Large Leaf Basil Seeds 250 thru 5,000 Herb Seeds

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Italian Large Leaf Basil Seeds can be easy to grow if started right these are a great variety of herb seeds to grow. We like to start these indoors with a good cell tray or seed flat and a good potting soil with a propagation dome to cover the tray. The Italian large leaf basil is a well known variety that is used around the world to season food. This basil will take about 70 days from seed to harvest time, these plants will get about 16" to 20" tall and spread about 16" wide. This basil has large leafs that are about 3" long and very fragrant and is many times called Neapolitan Basil or also Genovese basil. This is for 250 thru 5,000 seeds you pick the amount you need.