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Heirloom Tomato Seeds 25 Seeds Tomato Marriage Marzinera

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Heirloom Tomato Seeds 25 Seeds Tomato Marriage Marzinera

A great heirloom tomato to grow the Marriage Marzinera. Ball Seeds have trialed hundreds of heirloom tomato for key traits like color, flavor, quality, yield. Our favorites were select cross tested and evaluated. The result: Heirloom Marriage hybrid tomatoes, with much higher yields and earlier maturity than their parents, plus all of the great flavor and less fruit blemishes. Red Roma paste tomato produces large yields of meaty fruit that are great for cooking. A cross of San Marzano and Cream Sausage. Best in-ground.

General Information: Heirloom Marriage hybrids cross two heirlooms to produce earlier and more fruit, with great flavor and fewer blemishes than the parents.
Red Roma paste tomato is a cross of San Marzano x Cream Sausage.

Common Name: Heirloom Marriage Roma/Paste Tomato

Hardiness Degree: 0°F

Plant Habit: Upright

Water: Medium

Spacing: 18 - 36"

Height: 60 - 84"

Width: 36 - 48"

Exposure: Sun

Tomato Class : Heirloom Marriage

Type : Roma

Habit : Indeterminate

Tomato Color : Red

Fruit Size : 3-4 oz.

Days to maturity from transplant : 70-75

Production Method : Field