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Hardy Hibiscus Seeds Honeymoon Rose 50 Bulk Seeds

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This is for the Honeymoon Rose Hibiscus seeds this is the hardy hibiscus  this type this can be planted and if cared for right will come back year after year a great variety of perennial. They do great in zone 4-9 these do very well if planted in a #3 pot the Luna series does like heat and will survive well in it. This is one of the top kinds of Hibiscus to grow these get about 22" to 30” tall and plant can spread 24” the flowers can be 6" to 8" and are very impressive they will flower late summer. When growing from seeds it takes about 2 years to get first flower. We plant ours in February and they get to be about 12" tall in June these are well worth the wait. If you want a flower for resell these do very well. The seeds should be placed in the freezer for about 2 months before planting. This is for 50 bulk seeds