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Ornamental Grass Seeds Corkscrew Grass 25 Multi Pelleted Seeds

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Screw Grass is a great variety of Ornamental Grass Seeds to grow this is for 25 multi pelleted seeds of Corkscrew Grass a great perennial grass.  This is a hard to find Ornamental Grass if you grow this many people will ask what it is this will get about 18" tall and spread about 12" or more works very well in 2 gallon pots for resell. This is for 25 Multi pelleted seeds so you can see to plant these there is more than one seed in each pellet so when you plant them in a cell tray you will get a few plants that come up. This is a unique grass and we love to grow and sell the plants as it spirals and you don't see this often. Many people like to use these by ponds or they will do well also in the water edge of the pond.