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Everleaf Genovese Basil 50 Basil Seeds Herb Seeds

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A great variety of herb seeds the Everleaf Basil seeds get 50 Everleaf Genovese Basil seeds. This variety grows upright and does well in pots and planters. Get a great variety of seeds from trailing petunia we offer many seeds at a good price with good germination rates.

Production Method : Field Flowers up to 8 weeks later than standard basil. First basil bred for season-long performance and continual harvesting. Compact variety has short internodes and excellent branching, perfect for in-ground or container gardens. Robust Genovese flavor stands up to cooking – perfect for pesto and adding to sauce. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew and standard resistance to Fusarium make it a standout in any garden!

General Information: This late-flowering, full habit basil is perfect for any garden. 
Robust Genovese flavor stands up to cooking.
Perfect for pesto and sauces.
Enjoy very large harvests of big basil leaves.

Common Name: Basil

Hardiness Degree: 50°F

Plant Habit: Columnar

Characteristics: Culinary Use

Water: Medium

Fertilize: Once a month

Spacing: 6 - 18"

Height: 18 - 24"

Width: 12 - 18"

Exposure: Sun

Herb Type : Genovese

Plant Habit : Compact, highly branched, late flowering, mounded, short internodes

Suited For : Extended harvest multiple cuts, pot

Days to maturity from transplant : 30-45