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Chinese Paper Lantern Seeds 25 thru 1,000 Seeds Physalis Alkekengi Ground Cherry Seeds

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The Chinese paper lantern is a great ornamental plant to grow it will get about 24" tall and spread about the same and it is a perennial. Chinese Paper Lantern is often times call Strawberry Ground Cherry the seeds pods will turn green to a orange and are great dried for floral arrangements. They will have a nice white flower in late spring to early summer months the seeds need light to germinate and also will take about a month to germinate but are well worth it. These do best in zones 4-8 but can also make a great house plant. These are great for resell in 1 gallon pots or bigger they are a great plant to set out in landscape they will have a rhizome and spread. They are very showy in landscape, this is for 25 thru 1,000 seeds you pick the amount you would like.