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Canna Seeds 25 Canna South Pacific Rose Tropical Cannas

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A dwarf hybrid canna the Canna South Pacific series is a F1 variety. The South Pacific Canna does well in hot in humid areas this series is not prone to the diseases like the rhizome production ones get. They will have 4” flowers on it on a plant that will get about 50” tall. These do make a great house plant and grown from seeds can be much easier to do. These can live for many years if grown right. The Canna South Pacific was a AAS award winner and flower judges raved about it. These will do very well for resell and are a real attention getter. These will have 6 to 7 stems per plant it is a perennial in some zones but does well in the north down to 10f in zone 7-10 it will come back every year if outside. This is for 25 Seeds