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Bulk Bacopa Seeds 1,000 Multi Pelleted Bacopa Bluetopia

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This is for 1,000 Bulk multi pelleted bacopa seeds and we will get it for you. Bacopa seeds Bluetopia this is by far one of the best plants to add to a hanging baskets. This is a trailing plant that has a ton of blooms on them these are seeds for the most part these use to come from cuttings but have now been able to grow from seeds. These is Multi Pelleted seeds so you will get a bunch of seeds per pellet these bloom late spring and to late fall. This plant is about 4" tall and spreads to about 18" these will bloom the first year that seeds are planted. This is for 1,000 Bulk pelleted seeds you buy these bacopa seeds and we will get them from the supplier if they are out we will refund you. These will be great if you are a large nursery or garden center and want to start your own. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery for these. Thank you