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Blue Fescue Grass Seeds 25 Multi Pelleted Seeds

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This is many times call Blue Fescue grass and is a great variety of grass seeds to grow that is a ornamental grass. This is for Multi pelleted Festuca grass seeds so there is more than one seed in a pellet. This Festuca grass is a very cold hardy variety produces dense, compact tufts of blue green, with small, upright brown plumes from Summer to Autumn. These are great to grow and resell in a one gallon pot.


Scientific Name Festuca cinerea/Festuca glauca

Common Name Blue Fescue

Hardiness Zone  4a - 10b

Blooming Season  Summer, Autumn, Late Summer

Plant Habit  Upright

Spacing : 15 - 23"

Height : 12 - 18"

Width : 10 - 15"

Exposure : Sun