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Bimble Box Eucalyptus Seeds 50 Tree Seeds

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Bimble Box Eucalyptus seeds Eucalyptus populnea is an evergreen tree species of Eucalyptus It is typically grown for the attractive aromatic rounded to oval shaped grey green leaves. Eucalyptus populnea is commonly known by the names Poplar Box, Bimble Box or Bimble Box and often referred to as Eucalyptus populous. This tree can reach 65 feet tall and may form multiple trunks. Stems are smooth, developing into fibrous to flakey bark with age. The leaves are arranged alternately on stems, they measure between 5 to 6 in length. Flowers are fluffy and white yellow in color they are arranged in clusters at the tips of stems. Tree is from Australia it is used in decorations. Bees do like the flowers on these