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Begonia Nonstop Orange Begonia Seeds 15 thru 500 Pelleted Seeds

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The Begonia Nonstop Orange is a very nice variety to grow from begonia seeds. The Begonia Nonstop series it a tuberous begonia the flowers have large double blooms on them. There is many colors to pick from in the series ate trailing petunia we offer many varieties of the nonstop begonia to pick from. These are great to plant in 6"  and larger pots they will do very well they work great in flower beds these will get 8" to 12" tall and they like shade areas but they will handle some sun. Many times these will produce a tuber and the next year if saved and they will come back we just let the soil dry out and water a few times in the winter months they have to be placed in a dry cool spot though like a garage or basement. This is for 15 thru 500 pelleted begonia seeds you pick the amount you would like to have.