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Begonia Funky Scarlet Seeds 15 thru 100 Begonia Seeds Great Trailing Begonia

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Begonia seeds Begonia Funky Scarlet these begonia seeds are great to grow the will produce a nice plant that is great trailing begonia  for hanging baskets. This tuberous begonia that will feature scarlet, double flowers and a trailing to mounding habit. The begonia Funky series is in a class all by itself it is great for hanging baskets. The Funky begonia will get about eight inches tall and spread to about 18" and have interesting double blooms that are frilly looking. These will have weeping stems because the flowers get so heavy and will hang down they will bloom from early summer into late fall season. These are boliviensis begonia so they can stand more heat. This is for 15 thru 100 pelleted begonia seeds