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50 Tomato Seeds Juliet Grape Hybrid F1 Hybrid

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Juliet Grape tomato tomato seeds these are one that we really like, this tomato grows in clusters of 5 or more. These come from a supplier so they are true to parent plant they take about 60 days after set out, the skin is not thick, we make a lot of salsa out of these we don't even skin them just boil them up. They produce a lot of 1 ounce average fruits on them a lot are bigger as picture shows. In the picture is one of the plants that we grew this year. In the picture is 3 plants growing together as you can see they are well over 8' tall the man in the photo is 5' 10" this tomato has a wonderful sweet flavor they hold well on the vine and are crack resistant produce very high yields and are a great tomato to grow.

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