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25 Compadre Jalapeno Pepper Seeds F1 Hybrid

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A great Jalapeno Pepper to grow from pepper seeds  The Compadra Jalapeon if a F1 variety of pepper.  This is one of the best peppers if you can get the seeds for it or the plant. This pepper is very meaty and hot many times hotter than a regular Jalapeno this is a F1 pepper. This pepper will produce higher yields than many other pepper like it the fruits will have little to no cracking on them. These peppers store very well and do well in even cool climate areas when mature they will ripen from green to red. These are great if grown in a container also they have large fruits about 1 1/4" wide to 4" long and a great flavor. These will take about 80 days to harvest and are about 15,000 to 25,000 scoville plants will get about 28" tall. This is for 25 F1 hybrid seeds