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25 Calico Ornamental Pepper Seeds Variegated Ornamental Pepper

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The Calico Ornamental Pepper seed is a very nice Ornamental Pepper to grow from seeds. This is a very eye catching variegated Ornamental Pepper plant for mixed containers and in ground planting. Strongly variegated purple cream green tricolor foliage and glossy black fruits. Fruits are extremely hot and not recommended for eating have a bad taste. High eye appeal strongly variegated foliage of purple cream and green plant.  Compact and well branched and rounded accent plants are uniform in size and are great across the crop for easy plant production. Extremely heat tolerant great to add for landscaping and mixed containers. Best if used in 8" and 12" pots or large planters does great all the time in a #5 pot. This is for 25 ornamental pepper seeds