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200 Blackberry Seeds Wild Blackberry Seeds Berry Seeds

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This is for 200 blackberry seeds this variety grows very well in most areas best in zone 3-9 the leaves will stay green all year long they produce berries that have good flavor and many of them.  These berry seeds are a great variety to grow these do have thorns on them these produce berries in July and in Aug in zone 8 you can control them by trimming them back they do grow fast. A plant after a few years old will produce a lot of berries off of it great for pies, jams, jelly and any other thing that berries work great for. To start these it works best if you take some of the seeds and place in a plastic bag with a good soil and mix some seeds in and then close bag place in the fridge for a couple months and then take bag out and set it in a area that will get about 70f to75f it is best to start these after cold stratification or they will not sprout.