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15 Seeds Pansy Cool Wave® Violet Wing (HANGING PANSY)

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15 Seeds Pansy Cool Wave Violet Wing Seeds

This is for 15 seeds these are the cool wave pansy violet wing. This is the first hanging basket pansy. This is a awesome trailing pansy it will trail to about two feet this pansy has wider flowers and is very stout. This pansy blooms early Spring into Late fall blooms a long time. This pansy gets to be only about 8" tall but trails far last year we planted these at our nursery and put them in 10" baskets and 12" and they look very nice.If you buy International we cannot guarantee your item to arrive at dates stated as we cannot control customs they may seize your item or hold them please know your countries laws on seeds. We will ship your item but we are not held liable if you do not receive your item many countries will not scan or track your item. When you purchase from us you agree to these terms many countries there is known issue please be sure your address is correct also.